Upcoming Events

We will guide you to skin care wonderland, where you can mirror your taste and character in your own all natural, luxury skin care products!

You will find us in Cyherbia's tearoom, which is surrounded by our aromatic botanical gardens. We will first go for a walk around the beautiful gardens, where we will teach you about the countless health benefits of our Mediterranean herbs and which herbs we distill in our distillation room and the purposes of adding these to your skin care products later on, as well as how to use them in your daily life!
We will then show you how essential oils are distilled in our distillation room from beginning to end and teach you about the incredible health benefits of each essential oil that we produce and demonstrate how you can use them!
After you've learned about the most important ingredients that you will be using for your very own skin care products, we will together get to work to make the following:

Face Scrub
Body Scrub
Aromatherapy roll-on
Bath Tea
*we will offer you a cup of herbal tea during the workshop! 
When you finish the workshop, you may enter the Maze to find hidden items and your way out of it, and walk around the Walk of Cyprus Woodland, where you will discover the wonders of Cyprus, a fairy village and a cottage! You can also have a look in our shop which has a big variety of handmade all natural products: tea mixes, our own honey, essential oils, cosmetics and more!
In our tea room you may want to try some of our fresh, delicious meals! Most options are vegetarian and vegan!
To book, email us: cyherbia@gmail.com and let us know the amount of people you are booking for, date and time. We recommend you come in the morning at 10:30am or in the afternoon at 15:00pm! Price: 30 euro pp.