Τα άγρια χόρτα της κύπρου – Wild greens of Cyprus

**ENGLISH TEXT FOLLOWS** Ένα πρακτικό εργαστήριο για την ταυτοποίηση, την συλλογή και τις χρήσεις των άγριων χόρτων της Κύπρου, το Σάββατο 10 Φεβρουαρίου στα ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ και τη Κυριακή 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2018 στα ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ, από τις 12:00 μέχρι τις 13:30, στο οποίο θα μάθετε πως να ταυτοποιήσετε και να συλλέξετε τα άγρια χόρτα και πώς να τα μαγειρέψετε. *Δοκιμάστε πίττες και άλλα εδέσματα με χόρτα.
* Η βοτανολόγος Μιράντα Τριγγή θα μας μιλήσει για τα πολλά οφέλη των χόρτων για την υγεία μας.
* Θα πάρετε e-book με όλες τις πληροφορίες.
Η συμμετοχή στο εργαστήριο είναι δωρεάν, ισχύουν οι κανονικές τιμές εισόδου στο βοτανικό παρκο: 5 ευρώ για ενήλικες, 3 ευρώ τα παιδιά, κάτω των 3ων ετών δωρεάν.
Επίσης μαζί με την οικογένεια σας μπορείτε να απολαύσετε την πρόκληση του Λαβύρινθού: ποιός θα βρει πρώτος την έξοδο; Περίπατος στους βοτανόκηπους και στον Γύρω της Κύπρου στο δάσος, με ψυχαγωγικές και εκπαιδευτικές δραστηριότητες για τα παιδιά. Η καφετέρια μας προσφέρει υγειινά μικρογεύματα, τσάι και καφέ και στο κατάστημα μας θα βρείτε πλούσια γκάμα από βοτανικά προϊόντα δικής μας παραγωγής.

Cyherbia will host a FREE practical workshop about the wild edible greens of Cyprus, which are growing in abundance all over the island this time of year, on Saturday 10/2 in ENGLISH and Sunday 11/2/2018 in GREEK, from 12:00 till 13:30, where you will:
* Receive information on their health benefits
* Learn how to identify, prepare and cook the various greens in our practical workshop
* Taste some baked goodies made with wild herbs
* Receive an ebook with all the information and Cyherbia’s own original recipes with wild greens to try at home
Normal entrance fees apply: 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. Under 5’s free.
Also, whilst you are at Cyherbia, the Maze challenges you and your family to find the way out, as well as the 7 hidden birds! The herb gardens and Woodland Walk around Cyprus are open and offer you a relaxing aromatic walk in their natural surroundings. New educational activities are available for kids.
In the tea room you can enjoy our herbal teas, coffee and healthy lunches, whilst the herb shop offers a rich selection of herbal products made at Cyherbia.

Christmas Event 16th & 17th December

Get into the Christmas spirit at Cyherbia’s magical Christmas on December 16th &17th from 10 till 5, with a treasure hunt in the maze, activities in Santa’s workshop and Christmas crafts. Can you help the elves in Santa’s workshop assemble the toys in time for Christmas? Find the hidden treasure in the maze and get a gift. Also, fun crafts for kids and adults in the cozy tea room where you can make your own ornaments and decorations. Enjoy our warming winter tea, mulled wine and baked goodies, and choose your aromatic Christmas gifts and stocking fillers in the herb shop. Entrance 5 euros for adults, 3 euros for children, including activities, tea and a small gift for each child. Under 3’s free. Crafts 2 euros each. All activities will be ongoing throughout the day. No booking required.


HALLOWEEN 28-29 Oct, 2017!

The biggest and most popular family Halloween event in Cyprus will again take place at Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth in Avgorou on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October 2017, with games, challenges and activities for all ages from 3 till 99. This Halloween we will enter the magical world of Oz. Follow the yellow brick road and join in on an adventure with the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Can you outsmart the Wicked Witch of the East and find the key to Oz? Activities will be ongoing all day from 9.30 am till 5 pm on both days. Last entrance at 15:30.
Interactive storytelling in English at 11:30 and 14:30 and in Greek at 13:00 and 16:00
Also: apple bobbing, a broomstick race, I-Spy in the Haunted Herb Garden, lucky dip and facepainting. Best costume competition both for adults and children.
Entrance for both adults and children is 6 euros, including a cup of witch’s brew and a gift for each child. Under 3’s free.
Pumpkin Carving
On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of October you can carve your own pumpkin at Cyherbia!
Cost per pumpkin incl. all materials 10 euros.
Free entrance to the park for all the family on these dates.
Workshop times: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
Book your place, stating the day and time slot of your choosing by phone 99915443, email cyherbia@gmail.com or messagewww.facebook.com/cyherbia.


Reconnect with Nature & Smudge stick making workshop

Join us in an adventure of exploring the cleansing and purifying properties of plants during our Reconnect with Nature workshop.

We will start at 2:30 pm with a guided plant walk in the herb gardens, led by herbalist Miranda Tringis. You will learn about the symbolism and qualities of different local herbs and plants and then make your own smudge stick with the herbs of your choice. This workshop will be led by Melina Tringis.

After the tea break at around 4 pm we will go on a plant walk in the woodland and connect with the special energies of trees. A guided meditation under the pine trees will follow.

The Back to Nature workshop will be held in English only.
Cost for the entire afternoon including materials, tea and cake is 20 euros per person. Entrance to the park is included in the above prices. Pre-booking is required, simply book your place by sending an email to cyherbia@gmail.com.


Lemon Verbena Days

Lemon Verbena Weekend 16th and 17th of September at Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou.
On Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of September, starting at 11:30 herbalist Miranda Tringis will give a free informative talk on the benefits and uses of Lemon Verbena as a tea, culinary herb, essential oil and medicine.
Straight after, our kitchen fairy Vikki will show you how to make lemon verbena cookies, followed by a demonstration by our cosmetics fairy Polina, who will teach you how to make your own fizzy bath bombs with lemon verbena oil.
All visitors will have the chance to taste FREE lemon verbena ice tea, cake, cookies, even lemon verbena soup! Handouts with recipes will be given out to take home with you.
Normal entrance fees apply, no extra charges.

Lavender Festival 2017

The 6th Annual Lavender Festival will again be held at Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou, from the 10th until the 25th of June. The only place in Cyprus with specially landscaped lavender gardens, a new lavender labyrinth for meditation walks, a distillation room where daily extraction of lavender essential oil will take place, and many other unique features for all the family, such as the maze, the woodland walk around Cyprus, and the fairy village.

During the lavender festival you can:

*Enjoy our lavender gardens in full bloom

*Witness the extraction of Lavender essential oil

*Take part in lavender craft workshops for all ages

*Join the fragrant processing of lavender

*Enjoy a cooking demonstration with lavender

*Go on a meditation walk in the lavender Labyrinth

*Book a professional photoshoot in the lavender gardens with our resident photographer, for

yourself or your family

*Taste free lavender cake, sorbet, liqueur and ice tea

Kids activities include a treasure hunt and lavender crafts

A unique experience for all the family to enjoy.

Entrance including lavender ice tea only 5 euro p.p. Children 3 euros.

From June 10th – 25th.

Open daily 9:00- 20:00


Essential oil extraction with presentation on the benefits of lavender, every day 12:00

Creative workshops: make a lavender wand or lavender doll and kids crafts Saturday 10th, 17th, 24th

at 11:00 and 16:00 Sunday 11th, 18th, 25th at 11:00 and 16:00. No booking required.

Cooking with lavender demonstration Sunday 11th, 18th 15:00 No booking required.

Lavender and sage smudge sticks workshop Sunday 11th, and 25th 14:00 Call 99915443 to book

Labyrinth workshop with Susan Rudd Sunday the 18th

Kids treasure hunt available every day all day

Photoshoot upon appointment. Call Melina Tringis 99401503

3rd Fairy Folk Fest 29th & 30th April, 2017!

Faeries, goblins, princes and princesses, knights, pixies and pirates, gather round!

The 3rd Fairy Folk Fest in Cyprus will be held again at Cyherbia in Avgorou, on April the 29th & 30th


Dress up as your favourite fairytale character and experience a day of adventure and enchantment, in the natural surroundings of the botanical park. Games and activities in the Herb gardens, Labyrinth and Enchanted Forest for all the family include:

A Pirate Treasure Hunt in the Maze, find the Rainbow Fairies in the herb gardens, Dreams Come True in the Dreamcatcher forest, Ring Tilting, a Steampunk Teapot race, Maypole dancing and Storytelling with the Forest Fairy in English and Greek.

All activities will be ongoing from 9.30 am till 6 pm.

Storytelling times: English: 11.00, 13:30, 16:00 Greek: 12:00, 14:30, 17:00

Entrance 6 euros p.p. adults and children. Ages 3 and under free.

There will be prizes for best costume, both for children and adults.

Information: tel. 99915443, www.cyherbia.com, www.facebook.com/cyherbia

Egg Ηunt in the Maze – Easter Monday &Tuesday

On Easter Monday and Tuesday from 9:30 until 18:00,once again hundreds of Easter eggs will have found themselves hidden in the Maze at Cyherbia in Avgorou. Can you help to find them?
Also, Easter I Spy game in the Herb Garden, find the nests in the Woodland and have you seen the hidden bunnies?

Other games include Egg & Spoon Race, Sack Race and Tug of War. The games are ongoing all day, last admission 4 pm.
Entrance including all games and a cup of herbal (ice) tea is 5 euros for adults, 3 euros for children 5-12. Ages 4 and under free.
* Kids clubs and schools can book a separate day for the Egg hunt during the Easter holidays. Call 99915443 for more info. Cyherbia will be closed on Easter Sunday.

Halloween at Cyherbia


Halloween at Cyherbia


The biggest and most popular family Halloween event in Cyprus will again take place at Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth in Avgorou on Saturday the 29th and 30th of October 2016, with games, challenges and activities for all ages from 3 till 99. This Halloween we will enter the frightening world of classic fairytales.

Find the seven dwarves in the herb gardens but watch out for the wicked witch! Mission in the Maze: Can you take the biscuits to grandma and outsmart the big bad wolf?

Who is that nice old lady giving out sweets in the Forest, and is that cottage really made out cake and candy?

Interactive storytelling in English and Greek, at 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00.


Teenagers and adults will enjoy testing their knowledge of classic horror characters in the Freaky Forest, but watch out! Is that a giant spider in there in that bush?

Also, apple bobbing, a broomstick race, I-Spy in the Haunted Herb Garden,lucky dip and facepainting. Best costume competition both for adults and children.

Activities will be ongoing all day from 9.30 am till 5 pm on both days.

Entrance for both adults and children is 6 euros, including a cup of witch’s brew and a gift for each child. Under 3’s free.

Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth is situated just outside Avgorou, towards Ormidia. For directions, check the Directions page.


pumpkin-carvingPumpkin Carving 

On Saturday the 22nd of October you can carve your own pumpkin at Cyherbia! Cost incl. all materials 10 euros. No entrance fees.

Workshop times: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

Book your place, stating the time slot of your choosing by phone 99915443, email cyherbia@gmail.com or messagewww.facebook.com/cyherbia.

Keeping Cool in the Heat of Summer

Many of you may be on holiday or have just come back, and for those of us who live on the island, the summer can seem endless at times. We put ourselves into a lower gear, spend lots of time at the beach or in a pool and stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

flower tea

Eating cooling foods such as salads, watermelon or cold soups also help the body cope with the heat, as does herbal ice tea. You have to try it to really appreciate just how much a herbal tea cools you down, but once you do, you’re likely to prefer this healthy drink over anything fizzy or sugary!

This summer I made a new ultra-cooling and constitution-moistening blend of herbs and flowers which effectively cools the body, is relaxing, light, digestive and very tasty! It consists of mulberry leaf, hibiscus flower, jasmine, passionflower, lemon balm, fennel and lemon verbena. I named the blend Summer Breeze. The unique combination of these herbs makes this an oasis for the body and mind in the midst of heat and heat stress.


To make ice tea all you need is a little preparation ahead. For a litre of tea use a modest tablespoon of herbs, put these in a teapot or tea press (a cafetiere used only for this purpose is the handiest), add a pinch of stevia leaves or a little honey and leave your tea to infuse until it has cooled down enough to be placed into the fridge. Chill for a few hours and serve with ice cubes.

Ice tea will keep in the fridge for 48 hours maximum.

Stay cool!

By Miranda Tringis, Herbalist.