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Keeping Cool in the Heat of Summer

Many of you may be on holiday or have just come back, and for those of us who live on the island, the summer can seem endless at times. We put ourselves into a lower gear, spend lots of time at the beach or in a pool and stay out of the sun during the […]

Egg Hunt and Games!

It’s that time of year again, when hundreds of Easter eggs have found themselves hidden in the Maze. Can you help to find them? Also, Easter I Spy game in the Herb Garden, find the nests in the Woodland and have you seen the hidden bunnies? Other games include Egg & Spoon Race, Sack Race […]

March News

Dear friends, Spring is upon us and the plants in the botanical park are waking up from their winter slumber. The bay laurels and hawthorn trees are blossoming and the herbs are putting out new growth. We are busy planting our new baby calendula, yarrow and lavender. Spring is our favourite season, the eternal cycle of […]

Fairy Folk Fest 2016

Second Fairy Folk Fest at Cyherbia, Avgorou, March 26 & 27 Faeries, goblins, princes and princesses, knights, pixies and pirates, gather round! The 2nd Fairy Folk Fest in Cyprus will be held again at Cyherbia in Avgorou, on March the 26th & 27th. Dress up as your favourite fairytale character and experience a day of […]

Spring Splendour

Spring is the season of renewal, with nature discarding the cloak of winter decay and putting on its colourful garments of fragrant new growth. The fields are green and abundant with wild herbs and flowers, most of which can be used as food or as medicine. What a wonderfully abundant part of the world is […]

Eat the Weeds!

Now the fields are green and the Cyprus countryside is full of them: wild edible plants. Weeds, that is, although that word is rather derogatory, as most wild plants are edible and they are a powerhouse of health! In fact, the Cyprus countryside these months is a free organic vegetable market! Mallow, white mustard, nettles, […]

Wild Edible Greens Seminar Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday the 20th & 21st, we will host a free seminar on the wild edible greens of Cyprus. White mustard plant, stinging nettle, mallow, asparagus, spinach and chard.. the fields are an organic vegetable market this time of year where everything’s free! Each one is a powerhouse of health, containing numerous vitamins, minerals and […]

Crystal Healing & Numerology Weekend

On Saturday the 23rd of January from 11 am till 2 pm you can learn about the healing powers of crystals and how they can enrich your physical and spiritual health. Benny Vervliet is a renowned expert who teaches the secrets of crystal healing with much humour and spiritual insight. This workshop is interactive so […]

Winter Herbs for Immunity

As the days and nights turn colder even in Cyprus, we may find ourselves and our children coming down with the sniffles, there’s nothing like a warming cup of herbal tea to keep winter chills at bay. There are numerous wild herbs growing on the island to help us combat colds and many other common […]

Herbs for Health

Did you know that Cyprus has a very rich history in the use of herbs to promote health, well being and prevention of illnesses? In the first century AD, Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman historian and scientist, wrote: ‘The herbs of Cyprus are the best of the Roman Empire.’ The climate and soil conditions […]