June in the herb garden: Lavender Festival June 20th – 30th

It’s June, the best time of year in the herb garden. Everything is flowering, all herbs now need our attention. We are doing daily extractions of essential oil of Oregano, which is Nature’s most powerful antibiotic, an oil no home should be without! Marjoram, thyme, yarrow, hyssop, geranium, lemon balm, mountain tea, cardoon and chaste tree are all at their peak. This season the gardens make the most spectacular backdrop for photos, and the aromas are overwhelming as you stroll through the various areas.

June is also the month of our annual Lavender Festival. This year will mark the fourth lavender festival held in Cyprus, it has become a local tradition enjoyed by many visitors, both locals and  tourists. This year the Festival will be held from the 20th until the 30th of June. During the festival visitors will be able to learn about the many uses and benefits of lavender, both of the dried flowers and the essential oil. People can witness the extraction of lavender oil, take part in the processing of dried lavender and be immersed in the wonderful aroma and colour of what is known as the queen of herbs.


There will be lavender crafts for adults and children, you can taste sweet and savoury delights made with lavender, lavender sorbet and ice cream and lavender ice tea. There will also be guided mindfulness meditation sessions (dates and times to be announced). For children we always have educational activities and discoveries throughout the park.

The Fairy Village is a new feature in the Woodland area, and well worth a visit.


See you soon at Cyherbia!

Upcoming events at Cyherbia: Fairy Folk Fest

It’s May, the month where everything bursts into flower! Our fragrant roses, sage, oregano and thyme are all displaying their splendour and spreading their wonderful aroma. This month you can witness almost daily extractions of essential oil. We’ll be distilling thyme, oregano, lemon balm and sage.


At the end of the month, on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st, Cyherbia will host the first ever Fairy Folk Fest! This promises to be a weekend of adventure and enchantment for all the family. Parents and children are invited to get in touch with nature and its spirit creatures, to let their imagination run wild and experience a beautiful and memorable adventure.

We encourage you to dress up as your favourite fairytale character, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be in Fairyland! Knights, princes, princesses, fairies and goblins, pixies and mermaids, wizards and wanderers…. At the Fairy Folk Fest we celebrate the world of magic and wonder, of stories older than time and creatures many have heard of but few have seen..

The Fairy Folk Fest is all about connecting with nature and nurturing your own creativity and imagination, both for adults and children. Activities include: Finding the herb fairies, I spy Fairy, an exciting Treasure Hunt in the Maze, archery, discovering the Fairy Village in the Enchanted Forest, and on top of all that, our Magic Fairy will take you on our special Herbarium Quest of discovery, magic, storytelling and surprises.

The activities are suitable for children as young as 3 and as old as 99. Parents are encouraged to experience the magic along with their children. On both days there will be prizes for best costume, both for adults and children.

Entrance is 5 euros per person, under 3’s free.

Activities and games are ongoing from 9.30 till 6, the Herbarium Quest with the Magic Fairy will take place 3 times a day, at 11 am, 1 pm and 4 pm.

fairy folk fest logo

In June, the Lavender Season starts! Cyherbia will host the 4th annual Lavender Festival, from the 20th until the 30th of June. There will be daily extractions of lavender essential oil, lavender crafts and activities. More information will follow.

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New Opening Hours

Spring has coloured the gardens in beautiful hues of purple, yellow and white. Most herbs are flowering now and spreading their fragrance. Come and see for yourselves the absolute splendour of spring, we have extended our opening hours!

We are now open 7 days a week from 9:30 am till 7:00 pm.



Easter at Cyherbia

Wed-Thu April 8th-9th from 9 till 2,

Fri-Sat + Mon April 10th, 11th & 13th from 9 till 6.

It’s that time of year again, when hundreds of Easter eggs have found themselves hidden in the Maze. Can you help to find them?
Also, Easter I Spy game in the Herb Garden, find the nests in the Woodland and have you seen the hidden bunnies?
Other games include Egg & Spoon Race, Sack Race and Tug of War.

Games are ongoing all day, last admission 4 pm.
Entrance including all games and herbal (ice) tea is 5 euros p.p. Under 3’s free. Cyherbia will be closed on Easter Sunday April 12th.


March news

Spring is upon us! Winter’s decay and stillness have ended their reign, the birds and early spring flowers announce new life and new growth. We are planting our new herb babies and preparing new features in the park, such as an elevated seating area with a great view of the gardens, and also… drumroll… a lavender labyrinth! This will be an amazing experience for all visitors once completed and mature, where you can walk the path brushing against the lavenders and immersing yourself in the aroma and colour of the plants. Watch this space for developments.

We are creating a new exclusive selection of tea blends: Cyherbia’s Limited Editions. The first blend in this series is called Starmint, and it is muchos delicious!starmint tea A blend containing star anise, licorice, mint, fennel and aniseed, this is a delight to the senses and very healthy as well, as it is soothing, calming and digestive.

Now in the making and coming soon to the Limited Editions: Exotic Escapades, a delightful blend with fruits, flowers and vanilla..



Our Herb of the Month is Thyme and on Saturday and Sunday the 28th & 29th of March we will dedicate the weekend to that sublime herb.

 thyme-oil-essential-dark-glass-bottle-decorated-bunch-freshly-gathered-herb-42655832oilThere will be distillation of essential oil of thyme, free baked goodies and recipes with thyme and also a culinary workshop, where you can make your own aromatic olive oil (700 ml), vinegar (250 ml) and salt (120 gr), all with thyme. The distillation will take place between 11 am and 3 pm on both days and the workshop will start at 11.30 on both days. Cost of the workshop is 25 euros, which includes entrance, your culinary creations, teaching and handouts.

In April and May we will host a couple of exciting family events! Make a note in your diary of the dates, you won’t want to miss these events!

Easter fun and games


Easter Egg Hunt in the maze, I-spy Easter, games and challenges for ages 3-13.

When: Wednesday-Thursday April 8th-9th from 9 am till 2 pm

Friday-Saturday, Monday April 10th, 11th, 13th 9 am till 6 pm.




Cyprus’ First Annual Fairy Folk Fest

fairy folk fest logoThe first one of its kind! Fairies, pixies, knights, princes and princesses gather round! Dress up as your favourite fairytale character and experience a day of adventure and enchantment. Games and activities for ages 3-13 include a treasure hunt, find the fairies, games and challenges, interactive storytelling, crafts and face-painting . This will be an amazing experience for all ages.

When: Saturday and Sunday May 30th-31st.

Valentine’s Garden High Tea

This Valentine’s Day why not do something different, combining a love for nature and the great outdoors with the decadency of an English High Tea? At Cyherbia you can take a romantic stroll in the herb gardens, let your other half chase you in -or rescue you from- the maze and after you have enjoyed the intoxicating aromas of the herbs, relax and indulge in a most delectable selection of freshly made sweet and savoury treats in the tea room overlooking the gardens, with a pot of herbal ‘love potion tea’ or coffee, and a glass of sparkling pink champagne. Check out the menu below:

Val high tea


Price 20 euros p.p. Booking is required, via phone 99915443 or email miranda@cyherbia.com

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Cyherbia wins Business of the Year Award

On Saturday 31-1-2015 local magazine Daxi organized their annual business awards, giving recognition to various kinds of businesses in the Larnaca-Famagusta region. Cyherbia was nominated in the category Innovation, but to our great surprise we won the top award of Business of the Year!

We are so thrilled to be appreciated and recognized by the local community and we feel encouraged to keep up our efforts in always creating new elements in the park,new features, events, educational workshops and herbal magic.

A big thank you To Daxi Magazine, your reference point for what’s on in the eastern part of Cyprus.

















Event: What Grows On Your Doorstep?

On Saturday and Sunday January 24th & 25th at Cyherbia.

A weekend dedicated to the wild greens of Cyprus which are growing in abundance all over the island this season.

White mustard plant, stinging nettle, mallow, asparagus, spinach and chard.. the fields are an organic vegetable market this time of year where everything’s free! Each one is a powerhouse of health, containing numerous vitamins, minerals and nutrients and they are really delicious to eat. In the old days Cypriots used to go out into the fields and collect these plants. Most of them were eaten boiled, with a dressing of olive oil and lemon, but there are many other ways to enjoy the wild greens of Cyprus.

Cyherbia will host a FREE practical workshop at 12:00 hrs (both days) where you will:

* Receive information on their health benefits

* Learn how to identify, prepare and cook the various greens in our practical workshop

* Taste some baked goodies made with wild herbs

* Get Cyherbia’s own original recipes with wild greens to try at home


The workshop will take approximately an hour. Normal entrance fees apply ( 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. Under 5’s free)

December events at Cyherbia

We’re in the mood for Christmas at Cyherbia, and the warming Christmas aromas of cinnamon, cloves,  star anise and dehydrated oranges are already permeating the Tea Room. We have 3 events planned for December:

December 6th & 7th: Christmas wreath making workshops with aromatic herbs and natural decorations.                                      Learn to make  a 12″ wreath using herbs such as bay laurel and thyme , as well as fir branches and moss. You can choose from an array of natural decorations to spice up your wreath and use  shimmery decorations as well for extra glam. The workshop starts at 12.30 on both days and will take about 2 hours. Price is 28 euros, which includeS all materials, tea and cake.



December 13th & 14th: Christmas Spices weekend. In a warm Christmas atmosphere you can get to know the benefits of warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger and star anise. Handouts with information on the uses of Christmas spices, recipes and tips will be given out. At 11 am both Saturday and Sunday a talk on these four spices will be given. You can taste our goodies made with Christmas spices, enjoy a glass of mulled wine and take part in a workshop where you can create your own fragrant Christmas ornaments. The workshop will start at 11.30 on both days and will take approximately one hour. Cost: 20 euros for a garland or small wreath, 12 euros for 3 oranges with spices and decorations. Tea and cake is also included in the price.



Sunday December 21st: Christmas Family Fun Day. Santa’s bag of tree ornaments fell off the sleigh and have been scattered all over the Maze. Can you help him get them back in time for Christmas eve? Each child will receive a prize for helping Santa. Also: I spy Christmas, find the hidden reindeer, facepainting and other games and crafts for kids, Mulled wine, gingerbread, cakes, seasonal soups and pizza are available in the Tea Room, all in a cozy Christmas atmosphere. Activities will be ongoing from 9.30 until 16.30, so drop in any time during that day.





Latest news

October has been a great month at the herb garden, our Halloween in Wonderland family event was very well attended and everyone really enjoyed all the games and activities offered. For photos of the event, please check our facebook page.

Now we go back to our usual herbal jobs and creations. We have several new products in the herb shop, such as room sprays with a lovely herbal scent, massage oil and a brand new all-purpose healing salve. We are also working on a range of Christmas/winter products, as well as some lovely bath salts and body scrubs.

Autumn is the season for foraging rose hips, angelica and licorice roots, hawthorn berries and other seasonal treasures to be found in nature. Hawthorn berries are known as mosphila in Cyprus and they are a powerhouse of health for the heart and arteries. We make a heart tonic from them but also a delicious jam, now available in the shop. Hawthorn retains its medicinal properties even as a jam.

In November we will also host a couple of special events:

November 22nd & 23rd: Rosemary Days. A weekend dedicated to one of the most Mediterranean of culinary and medicinal herbs. You can witness the extraction of Rosemary essential oil in our Distillation Room, taste some healthy snacks made with Rosemary, there will be a talk on the uses and health benefits of rosemary at 11 am and 3 pm, and you can take part in a creative workshop where you can make your own rosemary body scrub and rosemary soap with goat’s milk.

Rosemary_Mint_Sugar_and_Salt_Scrub,_by_Make_Life_Lovely soa

The workshop will be held at 11.30 both Saturday and Sunday, and will cost 14 euros. Book your place via email or phone. Handouts with the benefits of rosemary, recipes and tips will be given out, and our kitchen goddess Lisa will cook up some fantastic soup and baked goodies.

November 27th: Harvest Thanksgiving morning. From 10-12 am. Although Thanksgiving is mostly known as an American celebration, we like the idea of giving thanks for the harvest of the past year and for all good things we receive every day. This promises to be a (non-denominational) relaxing morning when you can enjoy our special cakes and tea or coffee, take a stroll around the gardens and try your hand at creating some fragrant Autumn or Christmas ornaments with cinnamon, cloves, orange and essential oils.

40ad01ea9b2e418c_sachet.preview 221-07850-OR

One way to express thanks is by sharing and giving. Therefore this is a charity event, aimed to raise money for local charity KEPA http://www.famagustaparentsnetwork.com/kepa-charity-foundation-paralimni/ and is organized in cooperation with Famagusta Parents Network http://www.famagustaparentsnetwork.com/ .

There will be a raffle in aid of KEPA, where you can win some fantastic prizes. You can also bring along any items you wish to donate, such as non-perishable food items, clothing, toys etc.

Entrance, tea/coffee with cakes & savouries is 10 euros p.p. Participation in the creative workshop is 5 euros per craft (fragrant pouch or natural tree ornament with spices). Book your place via email or phone.

Some December dates for your diary:

December 6th & 7th: Christmas wreath making workshops with aromatic herbs and natural decorations.



December 13th & 14th: Christmas Spices weekend. In a warm Christmas atmosphere you can get to know the benefits of warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger and star anise. Handouts with information on the uses of Christmas spices, recipes and tips will be given out. At 11 am both Saturday and Sunday a talk on these four spices will be given. You can taste our goodies made with Christmas spices, enjoy a glass of mulled wine and take part in a workshop where you can create your own fragrant Christmas ornaments.

dried fruit garland christmas

Prices for these crafts vary. Workshops will start at 11.30 and will take an hour to 2 hours, depending on the craft.